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China persists in its reservation about India joining the Nuclear Suppliers Group, the informal cartel of 48 countries that frames rules for international trade in nuclear materials, when it has not signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty , which lipstick tubes wholesale this country regards as discriminatory.The Indian objection to the NPT is that the compact permits the declared five nuclear weapons powers which made the bomb by 1968 to produce atomic weapons but bars other countries.After signing a bilateral agreement with the US in 2008, India was able to obtain a one-time waiver from the NSG in the matter of procuring internationally-sourced nuclear reactors for its civilian energy programme. The fact that India has an outstanding record in the matter of non-proliferation of nuclear materials and missile components, unlike some of the P-5 themselves, clinched the argument for India, and now the US has agreed to push India’s case for NSG membership.

But this does not impress China, which continues to argue a technical case — that only NPT signatories can be in the NSG. NSG members decide on entry of new members only through consensus.A Chinese official spokesman said on Saturday that, unlike the impression created, India’s special case was not discussed at an informal NSG meeting in Vienna last week, which, according to him, only discussed the matter of NSG’s “outreach”. Beijing says that the minimum criteria for admitting new members should be discussed at NSG’s Seoul meeting later this month, and this alone can be the basis of a consensus. This, in effect, is a dismissal of US secretary of state John Kerry’s earlier appeal to China not to block a consensus emerging in India’s favour. India made its application for admission to NSG on May 12. Since then Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been energetically appealing to NSG members to let India in.

He dropped by in Switzerland and Mexico recently and was able to persuade these countries to give up their objections. India’s cause has been helped by the American stance. The US has brought India into a tighter geopolitical embrace and also hopes to gain commercially if India is permitted to freely trade in nuclear wares.China’s “all-weather friend” Pakistan, in spite of its abysmal proliferation record, insists that it be admitted to NSG if India is. It has duly applied. China has developed a greater politico-economic interest in Pakistan in recent years, enhancing the regional and geopolitical dimension of that relationship, and also desires to keep India down in an international rivalry. Thus, Beijing agreeing to an Indian NSG membership right away seems not too likely. New Delhi will have to work on an appropriate give-and-take with it, and this could have a Pakistan and Afghanistan dimension.

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Use it on slightly damp or dry hair by parting and applying on the entire scalp. She adds further, “Natures bounties like rosemary, peppermint, clay sage, ginger root oil and onion seed oil — all these ingredients help in reviving stage 1 baldness. She says that one of the major reasons for male patterned baldness is the lifestyle — like irregular eating habits, stress, and smoking.. If you catch the problem at the initial stage and deal with it in natural ways you might not even have to take the allopathic or cosmetic way. Interestingly, premature balding is the biggest fear among men and upcoming movies like Bala and Ujda Chaman highlight this subject Liquid Lipstick Tubes Suppliers with a twist of humour.With the change in season, a lot of men, and women too, go through hair thinning, hair fall and slow growth issues. Give a final rinse with rice water, and use this mask thrice a week for excellent results,” sums up Rajni.“Whereas for dull/dry hair, make a hair mask by taking one avocado pulp, one tbsp castor oil, one tbsp honey, and mix it well.

Avoid aggressive smoking and stress.] Excessive or imbalanced Vata dosha can result in an obstruction in the flow of the food nutrients that supply nourishment to the hair cells, leading to dry scalp, dry hair, split ends, and thin hair or hair loss.”To tackle the hair fall situation with homemade and non-invasive methods, Rajni shares some easy DIY hair masks that can be applied at home for proper hair care.. “For regular hair, try the banana-almond nutrient hair pack by mixing one mashed ripe banana, eight drops of pure almond milk and coconut milk with cold-pressed sesame oil. Mix it well and massage it into your hair. Then making sections apply generously on strands from roots till ends. Pile hair in a bun and wash off after an hour.

“It’s only fair to say that until and unless you don’t control the problem at the baseline, you can’t control it otherwise,” says Supriya and adds, “To combat this, the best way is to control the problem where it starts. Leave for 25 minutes and rinse off with rice water for hair loss..As ironic as it is, taking stress about losing hair is the biggest reason for hair loss! So, have faith and trust in your treatment for the best results and aim for the best lifestyle to not incur such problems, suggests Supriya Arora Malik, founder of Indulgeo Essentials. However, it’s not too funny when men spend hours worrying about hair fall and have absolutely no clue how to salvage the situation. According to beauty expert Rajni Ohri, “As per Ayurveda, anyone with an imbalance in Vata dosha, or a Vata body type, is more prone to hair loss [.”The truth is that nutrition plays a massive role in your hair’s health, so it’s essential to get all your essential vitamins and minerals to grow healthy hair that looks great.”While essential oils help in stage 1 baldness, it’s better to give nature a chance rather than directly switching to strong medications like minoxidil, according to Supriya. Take a proper diet, hit the gym and most importantly avoid stress and smoking

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” But products and ideas like these are not always picked up by the market, Kruttika admits.” She continues, “I had an idea of bringing out a graphic novel on this, highlighting women from these lipstick tubes communities — women who have been fighting for their rights but aren’t celebrated enough.”‘Yoga Cat’ pillow coverA lot of Kruttika’s other works have been driven by feminist ideas as well. It got me thinking about the idea of feminism in India.A poster from ‘Strong Women’ seriesThe process of designing this autorickshaw did go through its permutations and combinations. For illustrator and feminist Kruttika Susarla, it was an opportunity to celebrate the lives of women who have been fighting patriarchy all their lives. “I wanted a lot of people to be able to read it, so then I translated it in Hindi and included that as well,” she points out. Interiors of the auto-rickshawLast year, when Mumbai-based Taxi Fabric and Manas Foundation approached Kruttika to design an auto-rikshaw in Delhi, she immediately gave her nod.” These prints today are used in a variety of products such as notebook, mobile covers, T-shirts and pillow covers.

“When they approached me, I realised that many use the auto-rickshaw as a daily mode of transport.” She was sold when she realised that the reach a rickshaw has is much more than a graphic novel. Her series, ‘Strong Women’, and ‘For the Sake of’ also work with these ideas. She says, “In mainstream art, I am trying to normalise women of all shapes and sizes. There are more chances of an auto catching people’s eye than a graphic novel,” she explains. It changed over time, but I want to add to fashion that can be worn by anyone and everyone,” she concludes.Next, Kruttika wants to work on unisex designs. The interiors flaunt illustrations of women leaders like Irom Sharmila, Savitribai Phule, Bhanwari Devi, Soni Sori among others, with brief descriptions about these women. She says, “It started off in Mumbai with taxis.. “Pets as a theme are more relatable, so these designs sell easily.

“If we look at Indian fashion, ages ago there was not a lot of difference between what men and women wore. Kruttika recalls, “The book influenced me a lot. The Daily RunIt was while reading the book Seeing Like a Feminist by Nivedita Menon that she was motivated to include a feminist narrative in her work. In fact, these were initially supposed to be art prints but they eventually got picked up. When Kruttika first designed it in English, she realised its limited reach. The marginalised communities and their leaders do not get enough coverage from the media or proper recognition by the government. My project, ‘For the Sake of’, is inspired by my role model — my grandmother.While there are hordes of auto rickshaws ferrying passengers through the chaotic Delhi lanes, driver Gagan’s three-wheeler passenger vehicle bears a distinct look. Later I used them for product designing. The dhoti is one such example. She was a freedom fighter, so in the outside world she was fighting this big battle, but at home she had her own traps

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.Modi and Jinping are likely told talks in Goa ahead of the five-nation BRICS Summit there on Sunday. Notwithstanding the current unease in Sino-India relations, China had on Thursday said "sound and stable" development of ties in recent years has proved that the "dragon" and the "elephant" can join hands and peacefully co-exist.New Delhi: The menace of terrorism, China’s continued opposition to a proposed UN ban on Pakistan-based terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar and Beijing blocking New Delhi’s NSG membership bid are issues expected to dominate the bilateral talks between visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday. Interestingly, without naming China but in an obvious reference to it, India had earlier said that there was only "one country" that was opposed to both UN Sanctions on Masood Azhar as well as India's entry into the NSG.New Delhi is expected to make it clear to Beijing that opposition to terrorism is a global concern and “not an issue of political gains for India” as Beijing had insinuated recently on the Masood Azhar issue.

PM Modi tweeted on Friday that he looked forward to deliberations with leaders of China and other BRICS countries, “which will strengthen our bilateral ties with these key partners”. "Once, predictions about our future relations dwelled on 'rivalry between the dragon and the elephant'. Beijing had earlier also scuttled New Delhi's bid for entry into the NSG a few months ago at the Group's meeting in Seoul.India’s objections to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor that will pass through PoK and reports of China blocking a tributary of the Brahmaputra in Tibet as part of the construction of its "most expensive" hydro-power project are among other issues that PM Modi is likely to take up with the top Chinese leader.China has continuously blocked India's efforts to blacklist JeM chief Masood Azhar, as well as its bid to join China lipstick tubes wholesale NSG. There are indications that PM Modi will strongly take up the issue of terror and the need for China to be sensitive to Indian concerns at the bilateral talks with President Xi, with the Masood Azhar issue expected to figure prominently.

In a blow to New Delhi earlier this week, China had defended its recent extending of a hold on India's bid for a UN ban on Pakistan-based terror group JeM's chief Masood Azhar, saying Beijing is opposed to anyone making "political gains in the name of counter-terrorism". But on the issue of Nuclear Suppliers Group entry for India, China had reiterated its stand it is "ready" for talks with India.However, the sound and stable development of bilateral relations in recent years has proved that the 'dragon' and the 'elephant' can join hands to dance together," Minister Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy Cheng Guangzhong had said on Thursday. China's needling of India on these two important matters shows Beijing's strong links with Pakistan, and its steadfast opposition to give India a greater global role in the comity of nations

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Its authorised share capital is Rs. 200 crore and the paid up capital is Rs. 59.The authorised share capital is Rs. At present, MDL is constructing three major warship building projects and one submarine project. Established in 1970, the PSU is a manufacturer of guided missiles and allied defence equipment.The Department of Investment and Public Asset Management is scouting for merchant bankers and legal advisors to advise the government on the Initial Public Offering of MSTC, NEEPCO, Bharat Dynamics Ltd, Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd, Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd and Mishra Dhatu Nigam LtdThe government currently holds 100 per cent stake in all these six companies.23 crore.The company has generated 5,220 MU of electricity in 2015-16 and provides about 40 per cent of the energy requirement of the North East region of India. 46,500 crore to be mobilised through minority stake sale and Rs.03 crore while its net worth stood at Rs.It was established as a public limited company in 1934.56 crore.

It was incorporated in 1934 and was taken over by the Government of India in the year 1960 and the primary objective of the company is to construct warships and auxiliary vessels for the Navy and the Coast Guard.24 crore in 2015-16 and has a net worth of Rs. 5,988. 1,064.82 crore for Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd and its net worth stood at Rs. 2,846.28 crore. 576.23 crore. 160. The profit-after-tax for the fiscal 2015-16 is Rs. Its net worth stood at Rs. The merchant bankers are required to submit their bids by May 2. 249 crore as on March 31, 2017.The authorised capital of the company is Rs. 118. 125 crore and paid-up share capital is Rs.Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd is also under the control of the Defence Ministry and is engaged in production of metals and alloys as part of an import substitution strategy, which is designed to reduce the India&mascara tubes manufacturers39;s reliance on foreign suppliers and achieve self-sufficiency.19 crore as on January 31, 2017.

BDL earned a profit-after-tax of Rs. 15,000 crore from strategic disinvestment. 125 crore and the paid up equity capital is Rs.New Delhi: The government has identified six profit making PSUs, including four from defence sector, for accessing the capital market in the current fiscal and listing on stock exchanges. 323.41 crore.In the 2017-18 Budget, the government set a target of Rs.In the year 1960, the Government of India took over the yard to further augment its warship development programme and incorporated it as a PSU under the Ministry of Defence.84 crore as on January 31, 2017. 732. 372.88 crore.72 crore and paid up share capital is Rs.Its authorised share capital is Rs.Its profit-after-tax for the fiscal 2015-16 is Rs.Miniratna PSU Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd is the lead shipyard of India serving the nation's strategic requirements..

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The interior colour theme is contemporary, with black/brown upholstery and silver highlights.Inside, the design of the dashboard has not changed, but the materials used all around have been upgraded to make it feel better.If you feel that the XUV500 facelift doesn’t look as intimidating as before, you wouldn’t be wrong.2-litre petrol engine has not been revised in any way and still develops 140PS of maximum power and 320Nm pink hexagon lipstick tube of peak torque.68 LakhXUV500 W11 Opt AT - Rs 17. The highlight of the new XUV500 is how you can check/control many of the functions of the XUV500 through its multimedia screen, or if you are a passenger, through the Blue Sense app for Android and iOS.2-litre mHawk diesel engine has been tweaked.58 LakhXUV500 W7 AT - Rs 14.23 LakhXUV500 W9 AT - Rs 16.Changes at the front include the new headlights with the DRLs moved to the top, a new subtle chrome grille and a slightly reworked bumper. The 2. It still does have tonnes of road presence though. The Mahindra XUV500 facelift is more than just a mere cosmetic update.32 LakhXUV500 W7 - Rs 13.Mahindra has launched the XUV500 facelift at a starting price of Rs 12.

Changes at the sides are limited to some chrome detailing on the doors and the new 18-inch alloy wheels.Source: ZigWheels. The leather covers for the seats get a quilted design, which look and feel fancy. The petrol variants, on the other hand, are only offered with a 6-speed automatic gearbox and 2WD.It will be interesting to see if these changes could make the SUV the king of the segment again, at least till the all-new XUV500 rolls in, in a couple of years’ time. Mahindra wants the XUV500 to look more ‘plush’, which has led to a toning down of the aggressive lines of the SUV. The centre console gets piano black plastics, which can be fingerprint The rear has been majorly redesigned with triangular taillamp clusters and a redesigned tailgate.63 LakhXUV500 W11 Opt - Rs 16. The Blue Sense app is also available on a select range of smartwatches too, and seemed to work flawlessly during our first drive test.43 LakhAs you can see, the diesel variants can be had with either a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission and with either 2WD or AWD drivetrains.78 LakhXUV500 W9 - Rs 15.

Mahindra’s 7-seater SUV continues to get fancy equipment like a sunroof, 6-way electrically adjustable driver’s seat, voice feedback, A/C vents on the pillars for the 2nd and 3rd row passengers, split- and flat-folding rear seats, tyre pressure monitor and others.88 lakh . The dual exhausts, though, have been carried over unchanged. It now develops 15PS more power and 30Nm more torque than before.43 LakhXUV500 W11 - Rs 16.32 lakh, that tops out at Rs 17. Changes to the SUV, apart from the noticeable front and rear nip-and-tucks, include leather upholstery on the inside, a new infotainment system with smartphone and smartwatch connectivity, more powerful diesel engine and new variant names.The prices of the new Mahindra XUV500 facelift, ex-showroom, Mumbai, are as follows:DieselXUV500 W5 - Rs 12. With this, Mahindra hopes to recapture its lost ground, which the SUV lost to its arch rivals the Jeep Compass and the Tata Hexa over the years.88 LakhPetrolG AT - Rs 15.While safety features like dual front airbags, ABS, ESP and all four disc brakes are offered as standard, the top-of-the-line W9 and W11 variants get six airbags, hill hold and hill descent control too.43 LakhXUV500 W11 AT - Rs 17.The 2

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